What Our Clients Say About Us

My son Leon was about 4 months old when I started talking to Anelia about sleep training. She advised that I started teaching him to nap and sleep on a schedule and in his own crib but I did not follow the plan - it seemed too soon after he was born!!

When Leon was 10 months old, he was not able to sleep alone in his crib and was waking up at least twice during the night, asking for milk and to be moved to our bed. I reached out to Anelia again and she designed a plan for Leon. We started working on the plan and slowly but surely Leon learned to fall asleep in his own crib; then he started sleeping longer and longer. In about a month, he was sleeping 11-12 hours a night in his crib! He used to cry each time I would even attempt to put him in the crib, and now he was enjoying his crib. It made our life so much easier, after a year of sleepless nights, I was so grateful to finally have a solution!

Thank you so much, Anelia, for making our nights restful again!

Elena, Atlanta, USA

Our daughter Stefi was a very good sleeper. She used to fall asleep on her own and sleeping through the night. When she had just turned two, she started asking for someone to stay with her until she is asleep. Waking up at the night and crying until me or her dad go and sleep with her.

Then we found Anelia! It took us two weeks until we put the things back as they were. And we couldn’t be happier.

At that point, we realized how important is to have a sleeping kid and not only, but to have a free evening while your baby is playing and falling asleep on their own!

Marina, Frankfurt, Germany